Music Artist Management is equal parts art, science, creativity and strategic thinking.

We offer experienced music artists a plethora of options and opportunities starting with our Music Artist Assessment – helping us identify a path that can help artists succeed,

MAD (Music Artist Development), a 5-day, semi-private/group program that provides artists many of the tools they need to refine their music artist skills, define/refine their brand and successfully run their business,

ROCKSTAR! – a 5-day private program that includes extensive stage presence training, show direction, social media management, refines the artist’s music skills, refines their brand, connects with fans and potential sponsors, run their business and launch their career

And Virtual Seminars, Workshops and Lessons – artists work with our coaches in our Virtual Studio to refine their music skills and strengthen their brand.

Artists who participate in our Dream Night Talent Search events may qualify for discounts on some of our services and resources.

The path is different for each artist, but often includes:
• Creating new website or refining existing website
• Introducing the importance of 360 marketing/promotions
• How to engage with fans and create/manage fan clubs
• Creating an EPK and other marketing and promotional materials
• Designing new logo or refining existing logo
• Designing, pricing and manufacturing merchandise, creating e-commerce capabilities on artist’s website
• Managing social media platforms – what to post, when to post, why to post, like, comment and share and who to connect with. How to use each platform to support artist’s business
• Managing YouTube channel, producing video content for YouTube, monetizing artist’s YouTube channel
• Consulting with make-up, hair and wardrobe stylist (s)
• Managing, producing still photo shoots
• Consulting/Producing music videos: performance and lyric
• Consulting/Producing behind the scenes video content
• Consulting on song selection – mix of covers and originals
• Consulting on show creative direction
• Consulting on refining stage presence skills
• Book gigs and teach artist how to book gigs and best practices for optimum gig production
• Refining artist’s on camera and behind the mic interview skills
• Planning and producing the artist’s launch event

Our Music Artist Management Group creates opportunities, plain and simple. We work with artists on a Monthly Fee and/or a Revenue Share basis.

We build a brand around a new artist and propel them forward quicker than if the artist were to try to do everything solo. We create opportunities, plain and simple. New artists are not trusted yet and have no credibility, so hiring an artist management agency gives them an entire team of people that can help with performance skills, music/music artist promotion, social media, marketing, management, business development and so much more. We work with artists on a Monthly Fee and/or a Revenue Share Relationship.

Monthly fee: $250 – $1250.00+

Monthly fee (if applicable) is based on Artist’s Age, Genre of Music and Performance Level.

Revenue Share: For Established Artists

If Artist is selected into Program without a Monthly fee: WENDEE will create a mutually beneficial and artist-friendly development and management program – representing an investment of time and resources by WENDEE in the short term, in exchange for a piece of the artist’s revenue streams in the long term. Each Revenue Share deal is different, but we try to follow the industry standards and offer our artists even a better deal.

An example: Provided by Kurt Dahl (not associated with WENDEE): “In exchange for developing the artist for the next 3 years, the developer will be entitled to 15% of all revenues generated during the term, and 10% of all Sunset Revenues earned over the 10 years following the term (known as the “sunset period”). Sunset Revenues are defined as gross revenues earned during the sunset period from all master recordings and compositions recorded/released during the term, as well as revenue earned from all deals negotiated during the term but received in the sunset period (including sponsorship and endorsement deals).”

At WENDEE, we accept new artists, on a limited basis and by invitation only.

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