The following services are offered to our artists a la carte.

  • Creating a new website or refining an existing website
  • Introducing the importance of 360 marketing/promotions and creating materials to help you cut through the clutter
  • How to engage with fans (and brands) and create/manage fan clubs
  • Creating an EPK and other marketing and promotional materials
  • Designing a new logo or refining an existing logo
  • Designing, pricing and manufacturing merchandise, creating e-commerce capabilities on artist’s website, managing artist’s ecommerce
  • Managing social media platforms – what to post, when to post, why to post, like, comment and share and who to connect with. How to use each platform to support artist’s business
  • Managing YouTube channel, producing video content for YouTube, monetizing artist’s YouTube channel, the importance of YouTube subscribers
  • Consulting with make-up, hair and wardrobe stylist (s)
  • Managing, producing still photo shoots
  • Consulting/Producing music videos: performance and lyric
  • Consulting/Producing behind the scenes video content
  • Consulting on song selection – mix of covers and originals
  • Consulting on show creative direction
  • Consulting on refining stage presence skills
  • Booking gigs and teaching artist how to book gigs and best practices for optimum gig production
  • Refining artist’s on camera and behind the mic interview skills
  • Planning and producing the artist’s launch event


Tier 1: Artist development – for aspiring artists who are ready to emerge into the music industry and get their music career started
1 month of Instagram marketing and management (estimated >1,000 follower growth in monthly period).
Logo design and creation.
Graphics, promotional videos and flyers to marketing artist / artists brand.
Songwriting session. Distribution of first single. 500 Spotify followers.
5,000 Spotify plays.

Tier 2: Music marketing and artist exposure – music promotion for artists that currently have music up on digital stores and streaming platforms > 20,000 Spotify plays in 1 month.
1,000 Spotify followers.Interview on radio that will air on iTunes Radio, Spotify radio & iHeart Radio + song played on radio. 1 month of Instagram marketing > 1,000 followers

Tier 3: Next level exposure – for artists who already have their foot in the industry and would like more exposure and excel their career 
> 50,000 Spotify plays in a timely manner.
Placement on Complex magazines website. Have artist’s song played on iHeart Radio or have artist’s music video air on MTV.1,500 Spotify followers.

Organic Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube Promotions

Soundcloud – chose from 750K – 10Million Report Campaign

Spotify – chose from 30K – 600K Playlists Placement

YouTube – choose from 500 – 40K plays

Artists who participate in our Dream Night Talent Search
may receive discounts on many of our services.