WENDEE ROCKSTAR! is a work intensive “private” program limited to a select few – by interview and audition only.

We offer artists (Assessment required) the opportunity to enroll in our exclusive WENDEE ROCKSTAR program – a five-day, incredibly intensive evaluation, workshops, lessons and music artist journey mapping. Unlike MAD – this is private, teaching/coaching experience. You will present your brand essence to our team. You’ll also learn about social media, fan and brand engagement and how to run your business and successfully launch your music career. .

Day 1: We evaluate everything about you, your music and your business. We discuss with you – in broad strokes – the steps and strategies available to you for your success. At the end of the day, we will provide you with a detailed schedule that will include lessons, workshops, assignments, objectives and expectations. Our team is focused on helping you define your brand and refine your music artist skills.

Days 2,3,4: includes voice lessons with our award winning voice coaches. You’ll learn the voice techniques that will give you the confidence to tackle any song and perform it flawlessly. These techniques might include proper breathing, posture, helping you with pitch, voice placement, tone, phrasing, vibrato, dynamics and incorporating emotion in your singing.

Also includes stage presence lessons with our award winning choreographers and dance coaches who will get you feeling like you own the stage – building your confidence in how you move and connect with your audience. It’s not just about singing, or playing an instrument, it’s about your on/off stage presence and confidence on the stage that matters the most.

Part of this process is helping to refine your brand essence – working with stylists who have worked with top international performers, we’ll talk about your hair, make-up, color palette, wardrobe, etc.

You’ll also participate in social media and business101 workshops, songwriting, song production, video and photo shoots.

You’ll be writing and producing an original song (s) with a member of our team. Options include shooting a performance video, creating a lyric video and putting together marketing and promotional materials that include an Electronic Press Kit.

Day 5: At the end of the fifth day, we will provide the artist with the WENDEE – which will include the final re-evaluation and suggestions as to what the next steps might be – photo shoots, logo design, website…to help you take your music career to the next level.


Artists are responsible for their own travel, hotel & meals. A Parent must attend all sessions for a child under 18.