WENDEE Music Artist Assessment

At WENDEE, we accept new artists – all ages, genres and performance levels – on a limited basis, through a process that starts with you participating in our Music Artist Assessment.

The WENDEE Music Artist Assessment is a 45-minute interview and evaluation when we will discuss/suggest next steps and strategies to help the artist continue on their journey and to become a successful music artist and business.

The WENDEE Music Artist Assessment provides us with an incredible amount of information and helps to clearly identify a path that can help artists succeed. Through our Music Artist Development and Management divisions, we act as the artist’s personal trainer, mentor, coach and manager. We connect artists to songwriters, producers, recording studios, mix engineers, booking agents, record labels, publishers, distributors and brands/potential sponsors.

*Please note: Fees for all additional services are to be determined. WENDEE will provide services and resources to artist for a fair price based on industry standards. Artist is under no obligation to use the services or resources offered by WENDEE.

The path is different for each artist, but often includes:
• Creating new website or refining existing website
• Introducing the importance of 360 marketing/promotions
• How to engage with fans and create/manage fan clubs
• Creating an EPK and other marketing and promotional materials
• Designing new logo or refining existing logo
• Designing, pricing and manufacturing merchandise, creating e-commerce capabilities on artist’s website
• Managing social media platforms – what to post, when to post, why to post, like, comment and share and who to connect with. How to use each platform to support artist’s business
• Managing YouTube channel, producing video content for YouTube, monetizing artist’s YouTube channel
• Consulting with make-up, hair and wardrobe stylist (s)
• Managing, producing still photo shoots
• Consulting/Producing music videos: performance and lyric
• Consulting/Producing behind the scenes video content
• Consulting on song selection – mix of covers and originals
• Consulting on show creative direction
• Consulting on refining stage presence skills
• How to book gigs and best practices for optimum gig production
• Refining artist’s on camera and behind the mic interview skills
• Planning and producing the artist’s launch event

Music Artist Assessment: $349.00

Dream Night Talent Search participants receive a $50.00 discount.