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Wendy Kay is the CEO/Founder of Utopia Artists, Mars Talent Agency and Dream Night Talent Search. Wendy is an industry influencer with more than 30 years experience and has a passion for discovering new talent. Wendy has represented (developed, managed, promoted and booked) internationally recognized artists and enjoys producing multi-act concerts. Wendy created Dream Night Talent Search to give music artists an opportunity to showcase their talent, a chance to win prizes, participate in workshops and to help music artists succeed in the music business.

CONTACT WENDY: wendy@wendeemad.com

Dennis Gelbaum is the CEO/Founder of ramp it up entertainment, a full service creative boutique – brand experience agency, multimedia production and global events company providing services and resources to hundreds of clients in more than 75 countries. Dennis is an international award-winning Creative Director, Producer, Director, Writer, Author and Inventor. Dennis has helped develop hundreds of music artists and has worked with many of the biggest acts and venues in the world!

CONTACT DENNIS: dennis@wendeemad.com

Debi Lewin, Vocal & Theatrical Coach/Choreographer: Born and raised in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio, Debi Lewin has more than 38 years of experience in show business as a professional singer, entertainer, dancer, band manager and producer. Debi has been instrumental in seeing that artists achieve important ‘breakthroughs’ in the music industry. Debi will bring out the performer in you, which is essential if it’s your goal to perform on a stage! From Performing on the stages of Las Vegas to Performing on the High Seas on cruise ships or managing the careers of Broadway Stars, Debi will be a tremendous influence on your journey in show biz. Debi is co-manager of Kaley Ann Voorhees who plays Christine in the starring role in the longest running musical in Broadway history “The Phantom of the Opera “and to date is still wowing the audiences. FYI: this showbiz breakthrough was a direct result from participating in our competitions and workshops! Artist development, Stage Performance, Vocal control and breathing techniques is just a little list of what you will learn from Debi in “MAD” AND at DREAM NIGHT TALENT SEARCH COMPETITIONS.

CONTACT DEBI: :debi@wendeemad.com