VIRTUAL SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS AND LESSONS: Artists work with our coaches in our Virtual Studio to refine their music skills and strengthen their brand. If time or $ is an issue, we can provide most of our services and resources, including elements of Music Artist Assessment, MAD and ROCKSTAR programs via our virtual studio. Lessons include,

MAD – Music Artist Development

MAD (Music Artist Development), a 5-day, semi-private/group program that provides artists many of the tools they need to refine their music artist skills, define/refine their brand and successfully run their business, The WENDEE Music Artist Development Program (MAD) is a customized program for music artists – artists of all ages, genres and performance levels –


WENDEE ROCKSTAR! is a work intensive “private” program limited to a select few – by interview and audition only. We offer artists (Assessment required) the opportunity to enroll in our exclusive WENDEE ROCKSTAR program – a five-day, incredibly intensive evaluation, workshops, lessons and music artist journey mapping. Unlike MAD – this is private, teaching/coaching experience.

WENDEE Music Artist Assessment

At WENDEE, we accept new artists – all ages, genres and performance levels – on a limited basis, through a process that starts with you participating in our Music Artist Assessment. The WENDEE Music Artist Assessment is a 45-minute interview and evaluation when we will discuss/suggest next steps and strategies to help the artist continue

What are the Pros and Cons of an Artist Development Deal?

Written by Kurt Dahl (Not associated with WENDEE) “One of the advantages of signing an Artist Development Deal is obvious: the developer should open up doors that otherwise would be closed, such as providing industry contacts, booking shows, helping develop your live show, song writing, image, and brand generally. “A clear disadvantage of the Artist